RuneScape: Guide to Training Woodcutting on Ivy

With the recent trend of adding high level content to RuneScape, Ivy was introduced into RuneScape in late 2009 as a way for high level RuneScape players to powertrain woodcutting. Technically a vine, ivy is one of 14 woodcutting trees in RuneScape and is found growing on walls in several locations, mostly around Falador and Varrock. Ivy grants 332.5 experience per chop and like most woodcutting trees, requires multiple chops to be cut down. The RuneScape player does not obtain any items from chopping ivy other than an occasional bird’s nest.
Using a dragon hatchet or the Inferno Adze yields roughly 75,000 RuneScape woodcutting experience per hour of RuneScape game play. A rune hatchet grants roughly 60,000 woodcutting experience. Inferno Adze does not burn the ivy because ivy doesn’t produce a RuneScape item.

Training woodcutting on Ivy is a great when playing RuneScape while multitasking. With the sounds turned on, the RuneScape player is set to chopping ivy while the user is on another website. The chopping sound will stop and the ivy will make a shriveling sound when cut down. A bird’s nest makes a loud squawking sound. All the RuneScape player has to do is open the window and chop at another vine.

Ivy is found at the following locations in RuneScape:

Varrock Palace east wall, Ivy grows on the west side next to the tree farming patch. A good way to pass time woodcutting if the RuneScape player is waiting for a tree sapling to sprout.

Varrock Palace north wall, on south side of yew trees. Occupies time waiting for yew respawn while woodcutting.

Yanville north wall, north side. Ivy is between Agility shortcut and east end of wall.

Castle Wars south wall. Ivy is on the east corner of castle wars, outside of south wall.

East wall of East Ardougne church. Church is due west of the marketplace. Good way to pass time training woodcutting if too early when returning to fight Jade vine.

Falador north wall, on north side. Ivy is just east of the agility grapple shortcut.

Falador south wall, outside city on south side. Located just north of farming allotment. RuneScape players can chop the ivy training woodcutting and set a timer to go off when it is time to check herbs.

Taverly east wall, south end, on western side just by hot air balloon.

These are the locations of Ivy in RuneScape. Some locations may be crowded and because no banking is necessary, all Ivy locations are desirable for powerleveling woodcutting.