Lesser Beings of Warcraft

For any of those that have slipped into the enjoyment of playing World of Warcraft, there are a few things you should probably keep your eyes out for and avoid if at all possible. I am speaking of course about those people that take the game far too seriously or log on for the simple enjoyment of making totally faceless strangers want to throw out their copy of the game. I have some personal classifications of these sad rejects of the real world that I would like to share with and sympathetic or new souls to the game.
The first class I shall cover are those I like to call ‘WOWlords’. Everyone is familiar with the delightful nickname of World Of Warcraft (W.O.W). These are people that take to game so seriously that they spend countless hours learning every trick and secret of the game. Now there is nothing work with this practice in and of itself. However when that person then processed to use that knowledge to insult other players for not knowing them, then you have entered ‘WoWlord’ territory. These types of players have played so much that if people they never quested with do something a little different than them they become a focus of ridicule of the WoWlord. Now it is alright to get angry at someone for not taking some friendly advice, but once the advice is given then it is time to move on and concentrate on your own character.
The next group is something I like to call ‘Duel-sers’. I am not familiar with other servers but in mine the worst place to run into these people is The Crossroads in the Horde controlled Barrens. Now those just starting to play need to understand something about this location. It is heavily populated by characters that are from levels 12-20. Dueling serves very little purpose at that level aside from maybe resolving an argument between two people. Duel-sers are those characters that run up to you and constantly challenge you to a duel even if you refuse several times. Then they will laugh at you or call you on trying to anger you into fighting them. These people are sad timewasters and should just be ignored.
Now we are onto the Babysitters. These are higher level characters that group with very low level characters are run around with them. There is nothing wrong with wanted to help a friend, but when you constantly kill other low level characters out of fun, you have become a babysitter. I suspect that most Babysitters also something that a lot of use refer to as ‘Twelve’. Twelve is exactly what it sounds like; the player is a twelve year old child that has no sense of fair play whom only cares how shiny and strong his character looks. This also goes hand in hand with Campers, people that sit on your body and kill you again when you come back to life.
Finally to end this we have the Beggars. You always run into these players in large cities. They stand around and beg high level characters for money. Sometimes they beg constantly until you give them money out of annoyance. I recommend you never give these people money. They are either too lazy to walk outside and earn the money themselves or this is exactly how they earn all their money in the game. Anyone that makes a profit out of being annoying and doing nothing don’t deserve to play the game because they really aren’t playing it.
I’m certain this entire document sounds like the ranting of a angry World of Warcraft geek. In a lot of respects you are right. But the problems in the game that gave way to these classifications are really the product of a handful of sad lonely individuals that have nothing better to do with their lives. In respect they are that group of people in gym class that ‘ruined it for everyone’. It is a game after all and part of playing a game is the spirit of things. You take that away and the flavour of the experience loses something. It’s a shame that these people exist but they aren’t just in the World of Warcraft.