World of Warcraft: Cataclysm First Aid Crafting – Anti-Venom

This guide covers the Anti-Venom craftable item from the First Aid secondary profession in the MMORPG World of Warcraft, reflecting any and all changes made with the release of Cataclysm and the shattering of Azeroth (patch 4.0.3). You can see additional pictures of this item and recipe by clicking the numbers in the thumbnail above.

Anti-Venom is one of the few non bandage related items craftable with the First Aid profession, meant to allow players to remove poisons from themselves or others. It is also one of the few items you can craft with this profession that does not require First Aid to use. The recipe for the Anti-Venom will create 3 of these items at a time, so take that into account if you need to look at formats to make some of these. For removing any poisons that are level 26 and up, this item is replaced by Strong Anti-Venom which is capable of doing so up to level 35.

World of Warcraft First Aid Crafted Items: Anti-Venom
Does not require First Aid to use; Item Quality Normal (White)
Item level 16; Sell to vendor price: 28 Copper
Average auction house buyout price: 6 Silver, 0 Copper
Use: Target is cured of poisons up to level 25 (1 minute cooldown)
Item ID: 6452, First seen in WoW version 1.11.1

World of Warcraft First Aid Recipe: Anti-Venom
This recipe is taught by any of the First Aid trainers in the game for 2 Silver, 50 Copper.
Requires First Aid (80) to craft, Crafting time: 3 seconds
Recipe reagents: Small Venom Sac (x1)
Spell ID: 7934

Chance to gain skill points by crafting (this chance scales -1.4% for each level past 80)
Skill Level 80: 100% chance to gain a skill point. Skill Lvl 90: 85.7%, Skill Lvl 100: 71.4%, Skill Lvl 110: 57.1%, Skill Lvl 120: 42.9%, Skill Lvl 130: 28.6%, Skill Lvl 140: 14.3%, Skill Lvl 150+: 0%.

The average cost of reagent materials is 35 Silver, 79 Copper when purchased through the Auction House, and 1 Silver. With the average auction house buyout for Anti-Venom of 6 Silver, 0 Copper, this means making this item causes you to lose 26 Silver, 40 Copper (not including AH deposit) for each item made, 26 Silver, 50 Copper per item if you simply sell it to a vendor after making.

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