The Gamer’s Protest

I am a gamer. This is my protest. What am I protesting? Why, the very prejudice that the phrase “gamer” has developed my Internet friend. Spawned in part by the MMORPG. Even the poor MMORPG has developed a prejudice.
What I’m focused on here is the ugly stereotype bestowed upon gamers by the explosion of the MMORPG and the countless Internet posts and myths that it spawned. I direct you now to remember or go find all those posts titled something like “5 Tips for a Successful Relationship With a Gamer” or “The Diary of a Coping Gamer Widow”. And all the rest of them these days that never fail to paint the picture of a gamer as an adolescent example of immaturity with no hopes of finding a girl friend.

What you may or may not notice when reading some of these posts is that they have less to do with “gamers” and more to do with people who are just /gung-ho/ about their MMORPG. You’ll find that in those posts even though they make no reference to games specifically, they scream “World of Warcraft” or one of its equivalents. (For the record I played WoW for a year and there is nothing wrong with WoW or you for playing it). Unfortunately these posts leave me with the feeling they’re written either by someone who is just a hardcore MMORPGer or someone in a relationship with one. What is a hardcore MMORPGer? One post was trying to explain to the women of the internet why their man might not have been interested when she approached “naked and dripping with maple syrup”…… thats pretty hardcore if you ask me.

I’ve witnessed these MMO universes explode into life and create their own cultures whilst I’ve only just recently started to get a little tired of how articles like these are whitewashing the title “gamer” as someone who apparently spends countless hours in a second digital life ignoring their families or significant others. If this is happening on a regular basis and someone is taking notes from those posts, then chances are there is something else going on that needs to be examined. Granted some things in these universes really can take a few hours to complete, thats the way they were designed.

I have been gaming online since my first days of DooM and DooM II through a BBS. When the keyboard/mouse combo was a new and developing skill. I prefer the ranked matches of Deathmatch or Capture the Flag and have fond memories of Quake mods like Jailbreak, Urban Terror, Q3A, Superheroes and Gloom.

I don’t believe that FPS games like Quake, Halflife, TFT, Unreal, Gears of War or Halo are exempt from the sort of “marriage scrambling” or immaturity that these sort of article are crying out against but I do believe the simple rule: all things in moderation. That and.. if your girl shows up at your lap covered in syrup, TRUST ME. Your online buddies WILL UNDERSTAND if you suddenly drop out of the game.

I am a gamer and this should not imply that I am somehow fugly, immature, obese or unable to get laid. Hahaha. Quite the contrary. You’ll find that a lot of us have killer bodies, exercise and eat right, work hard, have successful relationships and take care of themselves.

I am a gamer and I’m talking for every other one of my fellow comrades out there who loaded a shotty, sniper rifle, flame thrower, rocket launcher or portal gun in the name of the mighty gib or head shot. For those who just want a few rounds of Deathmatch or Capture the Flag before they call it a night, release stress or hang out with friends and family. We may not know each other beyond the bullets and lingo we spray at one another but trust me. I’ll understand if I see you suddenly stand still in the middle of the arena floor with your machine gun suddenly silenced. I’ll know you went to take care of business, dripping in syrup and I’ll even watch your ass until you make it back soldier.