World of Warcraft TBC Herbalism Levelling Guide


A gathering-professions that requires players to locate and harvest various types of herbs from plant nodes that are scattered across the Burning Crusade. While there are some herbs that can be used in different trade skills, the majority of them are used to level up the professions; Alchemy and Inscription. While gathering herbs, you tend to interact with them, which dismounts the character during the process. However, you can overcome it by picking the Druid class, using a Sky Golem mount, or if you are a part of the Draenor expansion and you can build the Garrison Stables.

About Herbalists

Herbalists are obliged to carefully harvest the potent herbs that are found throughout the game. As they travel across zones, their senses tend to seek out the rarest flora, which can be transformed by the other professions into precious recipes. Herbalists can supply an abundant quantity of reagents for themselves, which aids during the crafting process, or they can choose to sell the herbs for profit.

Herbalists can locate herbs on their map with the help of their keen sense of the placement and growth of flora. Similarly, they can also harvest easily by right-clicking the located herb. Yes, they don’t require any special tool to gather the herbs, and as you gather a greater number of herbs, your Herbalism profession will drastically grow.

Where can I locate the Herbalism trainers?

The Herbalism profession can be learned from Herbalism trainers that are scattered throughout the game. Upon speaking to your respective faction trainers, you will become an Apprentice Herbalist. You can either locate them by speaking to one of the city guards for their precise location or make it easier for you, we have listed down the locations of the Herbalism trainers, respective to the factions.

Alliance Faction Trainers – Reyna Stonebranch in Ironforge, Tannysa in Stormwind City, Firodren Mooncaller in Darnassus, Herbalist Pomeroy in Elwyn Forest, Malorne Bladeleaf in Teldrassil, Kali Healtouch in Loch Modan, Cylania Rootstalker in Ashenvale, Telurinon Moonshadow in Wetlands, Brant Jasperbloom in Dustwallow Marsh, Alma Jainrose in Redridge Mountains, and Cemmorhan in The Exodar.

Horde Faction Trainers – Jandi in Orgrimmar, Martha Alliestar in Undercity, Komin Winterhoof in Thunder Bluff, Faruza in Tirisfal Glades, Mishiki in Durotar, Angrun in Stranglethorn Vale, Aranae Venomblood in Hillsbrad Foothills, and Botanist Nathera in Silvermoon City.

The Burning Crusade Trainers – For Horde players, you can learn it from Ruak Stronghorn, located at Thrallmar. To be more precise, you can find him in the big tower up the hill (52.2, 36.3). For Alliance players, you can learn it from Rorelien, located at the Honor Hold. To be more precise, you can find her on the first floor of the Wizard’s Tower (53.6, 65.8).

Levels 1 to 50

It doesn’t matter which zone you choose to start with Herbalism, because each one is filled with herbs. You can find Peacebloom, Silverleaf, and Earthroot in Durotar, Mulgore, Tirisfal Glades, Elwynn Forest, Teldrassil, and Dun Morogh.

Levels 50 to 115

Once you’re at level 50 Herbalism, you can learn the art of Herbalism Journeyman from your respective trainers. The herbs that you will find at The Barrens, Silverpine Forest, Loch Modan, and Darkshore are; Mageroyal, Briarthorn, and Stranglekelp. Do keep in mind that Briarthorn requires level 70 in Herbalism, while Stranglekelp requires level 85.

Levels 115 to 170

When you reach level 150 during your herb runs from level 115 to 170, make sure that you visit your trainer. The herbs you can find at Hillsbrad Foothills, Wetlands, and Stonetalon Mountains are; Bruiseweed, Wild Steelbloom, Stranglekelp, Kingsblood, and Life root. Do keep in mind that Kingsblood requires level 125 in Herbalism, while Liferoot requires level 150. Also, head to the red zones (shown in the picture) after passing level 50 in Herbalism.

Levels 170 to 205

During the herb runs to cover these levels, you will find Kingsblood, Liferoot, Fadeleaf, Goldthorn, and Khadgar’s Whisker at Stranglethorn Vale and Arathi Highlands. Do keep in mind that Khadgar’s Whisker requires level 185 in Herbalism, so you can’t start harvesting them right away.

Levels 205 to 230

It’s time to visit your respective faction Herbalism trainers to learn the art of Artisan Herbalism. The herbs that you will find at Tanaris and Searing Gorge are Purple Lotus and Firebloom.

Levels 230 to 270

During your herb runs in the Hinterlands, you will come across Sungrass, Purple Lotus, Ghost Mushrooms, and Golden Sansam. The ‘X’ marked in the picture represents a bunch of Ghost Mushrooms in a cave. However, you can only start harvesting them once you reach level 245 in Herbalism leveling.

Levels 270 to 300

The herbs that you will come across in Felwood are Sungrass, Gromsblood, Golden Sansam, Dreamfoil, Mountain Silversage, and Plaguebloom.

The Burning Crusade

Now, you will have to learn the TBC Herbalism skill from the Master Herbalism trainers, who are located in the Hellfire Peninsula. You are required to have character level 50, as well as herbalism leveling as Herbalism level 275 before approaching your respective faction trainers. The trainers were mentioned earlier in the ‘Trainers Section’ of the guide.

Levels 300 to 315

It’s recommended that you get your first fifteen points in the Hellfire Peninsula until you can start harvesting Dreaming Glory in this TBC classic herbalism guide. If you are at a low Herbalism level, you will probably reach level 375 solely by picking these herbs during quests. Therefore, the routes shown in the picture are for players that have access to flying mounts and wish to switch to the Herbalism profession at level 70 in this TBC classic herbalism guide.

Levels 315 to 325

You can choose to reach Herbalism level 325 in Hellfire Peninsula in this TBC herbalism guide. However, it is recommended that you switch to Nagrand or Blade’s Edge Mountain because you will have access to harvesting more outland herbs in these zones.

Levels 325 to 375

Harvest Felweed and Dreaming Glory till you reach level 375 in Herbalism in this TBC herbalism guide because that way you can stay in the previously mentioned zones too. After that, for the last levels, it is recommended that you head to Netherstorm. However, you will have a lot of competition there, so you can alternatively choose to head back to the previous zones to max out.

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World of Warcraft: Cataclysm First Aid Crafting – Anti-Venom

This guide covers the Anti-Venom craftable item from the First Aid secondary profession in the MMORPG World of Warcraft, reflecting any and all changes made with the release of Cataclysm and the shattering of Azeroth (patch 4.0.3). You can see additional pictures of this item and recipe by clicking the numbers in the thumbnail above.

Anti-Venom is one of the few non bandage related items craftable with the First Aid profession, meant to allow players to remove poisons from themselves or others. It is also one of the few items you can craft with this profession that does not require First Aid to use. The recipe for the Anti-Venom will create 3 of these items at a time, so take that into account if you need to look at formats to make some of these. For removing any poisons that are level 26 and up, this item is replaced by Strong Anti-Venom which is capable of doing so up to level 35.

World of Warcraft First Aid Crafted Items: Anti-Venom
Does not require First Aid to use; Item Quality Normal (White)
Item level 16; Sell to vendor price: 28 Copper
Average auction house buyout price: 6 Silver, 0 Copper
Use: Target is cured of poisons up to level 25 (1 minute cooldown)
Item ID: 6452, First seen in WoW version 1.11.1

World of Warcraft First Aid Recipe: Anti-Venom
This recipe is taught by any of the First Aid trainers in the game for 2 Silver, 50 Copper.
Requires First Aid (80) to craft, Crafting time: 3 seconds
Recipe reagents: Small Venom Sac (x1)
Spell ID: 7934

Chance to gain skill points by crafting (this chance scales -1.4% for each level past 80)
Skill Level 80: 100% chance to gain a skill point. Skill Lvl 90: 85.7%, Skill Lvl 100: 71.4%, Skill Lvl 110: 57.1%, Skill Lvl 120: 42.9%, Skill Lvl 130: 28.6%, Skill Lvl 140: 14.3%, Skill Lvl 150+: 0%.

The average cost of reagent materials is 35 Silver, 79 Copper when purchased through the Auction House, and 1 Silver. With the average auction house buyout for Anti-Venom of 6 Silver, 0 Copper, this means making this item causes you to lose 26 Silver, 40 Copper (not including AH deposit) for each item made, 26 Silver, 50 Copper per item if you simply sell it to a vendor after making.

Click here to return to the crafting Index for this secondary profession.
Here you will find additional information on first aid and the various recipes available, including any updates.

Lesser Beings of Warcraft

For any of those that have slipped into the enjoyment of playing World of Warcraft, there are a few things you should probably keep your eyes out for and avoid if at all possible. I am speaking of course about those people that take the game far too seriously or log on for the simple enjoyment of making totally faceless strangers want to throw out their copy of the game. I have some personal classifications of these sad rejects of the real world that I would like to share with and sympathetic or new souls to the game.
The first class I shall cover are those I like to call ‘WOWlords’. Everyone is familiar with the delightful nickname of World Of Warcraft (W.O.W). These are people that take to game so seriously that they spend countless hours learning every trick and secret of the game. Now there is nothing work with this practice in and of itself. However when that person then processed to use that knowledge to insult other players for not knowing them, then you have entered ‘WoWlord’ territory. These types of players have played so much that if people they never quested with do something a little different than them they become a focus of ridicule of the WoWlord. Now it is alright to get angry at someone for not taking some friendly advice, but once the advice is given then it is time to move on and concentrate on your own character.
The next group is something I like to call ‘Duel-sers’. I am not familiar with other servers but in mine the worst place to run into these people is The Crossroads in the Horde controlled Barrens. Now those just starting to play need to understand something about this location. It is heavily populated by characters that are from levels 12-20. Dueling serves very little purpose at that level aside from maybe resolving an argument between two people. Duel-sers are those characters that run up to you and constantly challenge you to a duel even if you refuse several times. Then they will laugh at you or call you on trying to anger you into fighting them. These people are sad timewasters and should just be ignored.
Now we are onto the Babysitters. These are higher level characters that group with very low level characters are run around with them. There is nothing wrong with wanted to help a friend, but when you constantly kill other low level characters out of fun, you have become a babysitter. I suspect that most Babysitters also something that a lot of use refer to as ‘Twelve’. Twelve is exactly what it sounds like; the player is a twelve year old child that has no sense of fair play whom only cares how shiny and strong his character looks. This also goes hand in hand with Campers, people that sit on your body and kill you again when you come back to life.
Finally to end this we have the Beggars. You always run into these players in large cities. They stand around and beg high level characters for money. Sometimes they beg constantly until you give them money out of annoyance. I recommend you never give these people money. They are either too lazy to walk outside and earn the money themselves or this is exactly how they earn all their money in the game. Anyone that makes a profit out of being annoying and doing nothing don’t deserve to play the game because they really aren’t playing it.
I’m certain this entire document sounds like the ranting of a angry World of Warcraft geek. In a lot of respects you are right. But the problems in the game that gave way to these classifications are really the product of a handful of sad lonely individuals that have nothing better to do with their lives. In respect they are that group of people in gym class that ‘ruined it for everyone’. It is a game after all and part of playing a game is the spirit of things. You take that away and the flavour of the experience loses something. It’s a shame that these people exist but they aren’t just in the World of Warcraft.

RuneScape: Guide to Training Woodcutting on Ivy

With the recent trend of adding high level content to RuneScape, Ivy was introduced into RuneScape in late 2009 as a way for high level RuneScape players to powertrain woodcutting. Technically a vine, ivy is one of 14 woodcutting trees in RuneScape and is found growing on walls in several locations, mostly around Falador and Varrock. Ivy grants 332.5 experience per chop and like most woodcutting trees, requires multiple chops to be cut down. The RuneScape player does not obtain any items from chopping ivy other than an occasional bird’s nest.
Using a dragon hatchet or the Inferno Adze yields roughly 75,000 RuneScape woodcutting experience per hour of RuneScape game play. A rune hatchet grants roughly 60,000 woodcutting experience. Inferno Adze does not burn the ivy because ivy doesn’t produce a RuneScape item.

Training woodcutting on Ivy is a great when playing RuneScape while multitasking. With the sounds turned on, the RuneScape player is set to chopping ivy while the user is on another website. The chopping sound will stop and the ivy will make a shriveling sound when cut down. A bird’s nest makes a loud squawking sound. All the RuneScape player has to do is open the window and chop at another vine.

Ivy is found at the following locations in RuneScape:

Varrock Palace east wall, Ivy grows on the west side next to the tree farming patch. A good way to pass time woodcutting if the RuneScape player is waiting for a tree sapling to sprout.

Varrock Palace north wall, on south side of yew trees. Occupies time waiting for yew respawn while woodcutting.

Yanville north wall, north side. Ivy is between Agility shortcut and east end of wall.

Castle Wars south wall. Ivy is on the east corner of castle wars, outside of south wall.

East wall of East Ardougne church. Church is due west of the marketplace. Good way to pass time training woodcutting if too early when returning to fight Jade vine.

Falador north wall, on north side. Ivy is just east of the agility grapple shortcut.

Falador south wall, outside city on south side. Located just north of farming allotment. RuneScape players can chop the ivy training woodcutting and set a timer to go off when it is time to check herbs.

Taverly east wall, south end, on western side just by hot air balloon.

These are the locations of Ivy in RuneScape. Some locations may be crowded and because no banking is necessary, all Ivy locations are desirable for powerleveling woodcutting.

The Gamer’s Protest

I am a gamer. This is my protest. What am I protesting? Why, the very prejudice that the phrase “gamer” has developed my Internet friend. Spawned in part by the MMORPG. Even the poor MMORPG has developed a prejudice.
What I’m focused on here is the ugly stereotype bestowed upon gamers by the explosion of the MMORPG and the countless Internet posts and myths that it spawned. I direct you now to remember or go find all those posts titled something like “5 Tips for a Successful Relationship With a Gamer” or “The Diary of a Coping Gamer Widow”. And all the rest of them these days that never fail to paint the picture of a gamer as an adolescent example of immaturity with no hopes of finding a girl friend.

What you may or may not notice when reading some of these posts is that they have less to do with “gamers” and more to do with people who are just /gung-ho/ about their MMORPG. You’ll find that in those posts even though they make no reference to games specifically, they scream “World of Warcraft” or one of its equivalents. (For the record I played WoW for a year and there is nothing wrong with WoW or you for playing it). Unfortunately these posts leave me with the feeling they’re written either by someone who is just a hardcore MMORPGer or someone in a relationship with one. What is a hardcore MMORPGer? One post was trying to explain to the women of the internet why their man might not have been interested when she approached “naked and dripping with maple syrup”…… thats pretty hardcore if you ask me.

I’ve witnessed these MMO universes explode into life and create their own cultures whilst I’ve only just recently started to get a little tired of how articles like these are whitewashing the title “gamer” as someone who apparently spends countless hours in a second digital life ignoring their families or significant others. If this is happening on a regular basis and someone is taking notes from those posts, then chances are there is something else going on that needs to be examined. Granted some things in these universes really can take a few hours to complete, thats the way they were designed.

I have been gaming online since my first days of DooM and DooM II through a BBS. When the keyboard/mouse combo was a new and developing skill. I prefer the ranked matches of Deathmatch or Capture the Flag and have fond memories of Quake mods like Jailbreak, Urban Terror, Q3A, Superheroes and Gloom.

I don’t believe that FPS games like Quake, Halflife, TFT, Unreal, Gears of War or Halo are exempt from the sort of “marriage scrambling” or immaturity that these sort of article are crying out against but I do believe the simple rule: all things in moderation. That and.. if your girl shows up at your lap covered in syrup, TRUST ME. Your online buddies WILL UNDERSTAND if you suddenly drop out of the game.

I am a gamer and this should not imply that I am somehow fugly, immature, obese or unable to get laid. Hahaha. Quite the contrary. You’ll find that a lot of us have killer bodies, exercise and eat right, work hard, have successful relationships and take care of themselves.

I am a gamer and I’m talking for every other one of my fellow comrades out there who loaded a shotty, sniper rifle, flame thrower, rocket launcher or portal gun in the name of the mighty gib or head shot. For those who just want a few rounds of Deathmatch or Capture the Flag before they call it a night, release stress or hang out with friends and family. We may not know each other beyond the bullets and lingo we spray at one another but trust me. I’ll understand if I see you suddenly stand still in the middle of the arena floor with your machine gun suddenly silenced. I’ll know you went to take care of business, dripping in syrup and I’ll even watch your ass until you make it back soldier.